A Full line of freshly made soups from local ingredients.hm-page-prod-vis

  • What makes us different?
    Homemade, handmade from local ingredients
  • What makes us better?
    Not over loaded with salt, and mushy vegetables.
  • What makes us convenient?
    Already simmered for 3 hours, then packaged in a ready to heat microwavable container. All you do is heat, stir, eat.
  • What makes us healthy?
    Our ingredients came from farms, not labatories
  • What makes us cost effective?
    Partnership with local producers allow us to get the product at its peak of ripeness, with farm to table thinking. This cuts out many of the middle men.
  • Where do our products come from?
    Local farms, and co-ops whenever possible

Tasty frozen freshly made soups made from local ingredients fresh to you…